Innovating for a better life


1_Our commitment

Nakeba, as a brand, reflects the commitment to innovation and development of sustainable textile products. The goal is to improve people’s lives.

2_Global vocation

At Nakeba we work in a coordinated network, with a global vocation and multidisciplinary teams from different countries. Thanks to this, we managed to cover a greater knowledge and control of all processes. Both in the development of raw materials, manufacturing and finishing of fabrics. When possible, also the monitoring of the final garments, optimizing the results with criteria of efficiency and sustainability.


The collaborating teams are made up of textile and related industry professionals with more than 40 years of experience. This know how coexists with the new generations trained in the latest digital, sustainability and circular economy technologies.


All products with the Nakeba label are a guarantee of energy efficiency, ecological water treatment and use of renewable energy. Its objective is to achieve the optimal results of wearability and protection sought.

Nakeba VirProtect+

Nakeba VirProtect + ® is a recent technological innovation developed on the occasion of the COVID-19 health crisis.

This innovation is based on fibers, fabrics and finishes specially designed to combat all kinds of harmful germs, including viruses and bacteria. Its main objective is, on the one hand, to guarantee great functionality and comfort and on the other hand, a plus of protection in people’s daily lives.

The special combination of fibers, fabrics and finishes with the incorporation of an innovative chemical agent results in an optimal fabric that inactivates viruses and bacteria, thus inhibiting their proliferation.

In the new social and health paradigm in which we find ourselves, innovation in fabrics offers solutions that help to lead a more comfortable and above all, safer life.

The latest Nakeba VirProtect + launch is Hygienic Masks and women’s clothing items in collaboration with the Javier Simorra clothing brand.

International Collaborators

Teijin Frontier

With more than 100 years of experience in the field of high quality materials and innovation. Under the motto “Human Chemistry, Human Solutions” the Japanese company is an institution in the field of technological developments.

Only Teijin technology has been able at the moment to provide the necessary fabrics with optimal results in terms of wearability and anti virus and bacteria performance. At the same time guaranteeing the sustainability and ecological care procedures required.

Hence, the first collections of masks and garments with antiviral protection basically use fiber technology and Teijin finishes.

Teijin Frontier, fabrics Japan

HeiQ Viroblock ®

HeiQ Viroblock ® is a Swiss textile technology that is added to the fabric using Teijin dyeing know how during the final stage of the textile manufacturing process. This chemical agent has been tested against SARS-COV-2, which causes COVID-19, with an efficiency of 99.9% against virus in 5 minutes.

Fabrics resulting from fibers, finishing and final treatment achieve the optimal performance in front of virus and bacteria and the best wearability.